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Class Action

Class Action, 2019

Paper, Ikea shelving, wood and glass cabinet, engraved aluminum, projection, book, photograph, printed map, hanging wire and cardboard-wrapped framed print in glass and wood frame. Dimensions variable.

Class Action comprises an MFA thesis exhibition installation that explored Eli Broad’s attempted embezzlement in 1998 of $10 million held in trust by the Hammer Museum. The money concerned consisted of the proceeds from deaccessioning the museum’s Leonardo Da Vinci manuscript. Broad attempted to appropriate these funds so that they could be donated under his name to the renovation of UCLA’s now eponymous Broad Art Center. The installation comprises documents obtained under the California Public Records Act, biography, perpendicular plaques and documentary evidence of requests to the university for removal of Broad's name and compensation for unjust enrichment against Broad. The installation was also accompanied by a map of the school and exhibition, taking viewers to naming sites outside of the gallery on campus.

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